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Southern Texts Society

Two Novels by Mary Chesnut

Mary Boykin Chesnut and Elizabeth Muhlenfeld. introduction by Elizabeth Han

As the well-educated and socially skilled wife of a prominent Confederate, Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut (1823-86) was ideally situated—and intellectually equipped—to record the narrative of daily life in the Confederacy during the Civil War. Yet while she is widely recognized for the significant... More

A Southern Practice

The Diary and Autobiography of Charles A Hentz, MD Steven Stowe, ed.

As a physician practicing in the rural South in the years leading up to and through the Civil War, Charles Arnould Hentz (1827-1894) lived in the midst of enormous changes in southern society and medicine.A Southern Practice includes the diary that Hentz kept for more than twenty years, beginning... More

Soldier and Scholar

Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve and the Civil War Ward W. Briggs, Jr., ed.

One of America's greatest classical scholars, Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve (1831-1924) was also a Civil War journalist. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, and a self-described "southerner beyond dispute," he received his doctorate in Germany and returned to America an enthusiastic advocate of Greek... More

Louisa S. McCord

Selected Writings Richard C. Lounsbury, ed.

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Louisa S. McCord

Political and Social Essays Richard C. Lounsbury, ed.

Louisa Susanna McCrod (1810-1879) was one of the most remarkable figures in the intellectual history of antebellum America. A conservative intellectual, she broke the confines of Southern gender roles; she supported laissez-faire political economy and slavery, argues for woman's separate sphere,... More