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An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape

Carl R. Lounsbury, ed.

BUY Paper · 430 pp. · 7 × 10 · ISBN 9780813919232 · $47.50 · Nov 1999

Covering the full range of building in the South from 1607 to the 1820s, An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape is now available for the first time in paperback. This unique and exhaustive compilation traces the origin and development of an American architectural vocabulary in the colonies and states of the eastern seaboard from Delaware to Georgia.

From the fortified earthfast dwellings of Jamestown to the intellectualized landscape of Monticello, southern architectural forms underwent major changes in their early period, as did the language of building. Carl R. Lounsbury's illustrated glossary of architectural and landscape terms delineates regional and traditional terminology as well as classical influences introduced in America through English architectural books and by professionally trained craftsmen. Featuring 1,500 terms ranging from building types to methods of construction, Lounsbury's book is the first of its kind to identify and define the language of building during this formative period of American architecture.

Abundantly illustrated with over 300 photographs and drawings, An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape is an ideal, and now affordable, resource for architectural and cultural historians, preservationists, students of architecture, and anyone who works with older buildings.


There are many glossaries of architectural terms, but even the briefest compariston shows that Lounsbury's work far surpases the others in quality and fills a large gap in the literature by addressing the first two centuries of buillding in the southern US..Given changes between historical usage and the landguage of modern architectural analysis, it should be in the reference collection of every library supporting the study of architecture or American history.


About the Author(s): 

Carl R. Lounsbury is an Architectural Historian at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. In addition to conducting research on the buildings of Colonial Williamsburg, he has taught at Mary Washington College and Virginia Commonwealth University. Lounsbury has been involved in numerous restoration projects.

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