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Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia

Ervin L. Jordan, Jr.

BUY Cloth · ISBN 9780813915449 · $49.50 · Jan 1995
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On the eve of the Civil War, more Afircan-Americans lived in Virginia than in any other state- 490,000 slaves and 59,000 free blacks- and they were active participants in the single most dynamic event to shape the American consciousness. Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia is the first comprehensive study of Civil War Afro-Virginian history and culture. Through it we witness every aspect of black life: slave and free; rural and urban; homefront and battlefield; at work on plantations but also in munitions factories in Richmond; as wartime Union spies and as soldiers in the Confederate army.

About the Author(s): 

Ervin L. Jordan, Jr., is Assistant Professor and Associate Curator, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library. He is author of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia in the Civil War and, with Herbert Thomas, Nineteenth Virginia Infantry.

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