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Caribbean Romances

The Politics of Regional Representation
Belinda Edmondson, ed.

BUY Paper · 228 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813918228 · $35.00 · Jan 1999

This interdisciplinary volume on postcolonial Caribbean culture brings together ten essays by exciting young scholars who challenge some of the established assumptions of postcolonial studies. The contributors look at ways in which the "romance" trope is employed within contemporary Caribbean popular culture and literature to idealize the newly independent, postcolonial societies of the region.

The essays situate this discourse of idealization in its historical and cultural contexts and reveal how it is a reinvention of the old romance initially constructed in the imperial imagination of Europe and America.


This collection offers perhaps the first systematic critique—and deconstruction—of some of the central categories in postcolonial theory in general and Caribbean cultural and literary studies in particular. The contributors, by writing on English, French, and Spanish speaking Caribbean countries, succeed in overcoming one of the major handles in the study of the literatures and cultures of the region—the barriers set up by colonial languages. This book brings a fresh perspective to Caribbean studies and takes its popular culture beyond tourist art.

Simon Gikandi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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