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Keeping Score

Music, Disciplinarity, Culture
David Schwarz, Anahid Kassabian, et al., eds.

BUY Paper · 307 pp. · 6.125 × 9.25 · ISBN 9780813917009 · $26.50 · May 1997

Keeping Score is a diverse collection of essays that argues for and demonstrates the current effort to redefine the methods, goals, and scope of musical scholarship. This volume gives voice to new directions in music studies, including traditional and "new" musicology, music and psychoanalysis, music and film, popular music studies, and gay and lesbian studies. These essays speak to music study from within its own language and enter into important conversations already taking place across disciplinary boundaries throughout the academy.

About the Author(s): 

David Schwarz is Joseph E. and Grace W. Valentine Professor of Music at Amherst College. Anahid Kassabian is Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University. Lawrence Siegel is a composer and teacher working in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, and Minneapolis.

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