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Living and Dying at Murray Manor

Jaber F. Gubrium

BUY Paper · 221 pp. · 5.25 × 8.25 · ISBN 9780813917771 · $24.50 · Sep 1997
BUY Ebook · 221 pp. · ISBN 9780813934617 · $27.50 · Nov 2012

Living and Dying at Murray Manor is a classic text that documents how the "work" of everyday life in a nursing home is accomplished. Jaber F. Gubrium spent several months at a nursing home as a participant-observer, involved in activities ranging from performing menial "toileting" work to serving as a gerontologist at staff meetings. The result is not a survey of statistics about nursing homes but an examination of the social organization of care in a single home the author calls Murray Manor. Gubrium's research reveals how staff, clientele, relatives, visiting physicians, and funeral directors negotiated their respective roles, needs, and goals- and how, in the end, Murray Manor emerged as an organized social entity.

About the Author(s): 

Jaber F. Gubrium is Professor of Sociology at the University of Florida and the author of several books, including The Active Interview and the forthcoming The New Language of Qualitative Method.

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