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Reflections of Loko Miwa

Translated by Robin O. Bodkin. Lilas Desquiron

BUY Paper · 198 pp. · 5.5 × 8.5 · ISBN 9780813917535 · $23.50 · Jan 1998

Reflections of Loko Miwa is th first novel for Lilas Desquiron, one of few Haitian women writers to gain international recognition. The country's complex social and political situation is the setting for the story of two women ordained by the spirits of Vodou to be marasa (twins) in spite of their birth into unrelated families of different classes. Desquiron's intricate narrative shifts among characters, bringing diverse perspectives to bear on the dramas of class prejudice.

The novel is a very personal account of a young woman's adherence to folk beliefs and resistance to prejudices of her class. Although a number of Haitian novels evoke scenes of Vodou, Desquiron is the first writer to have inscribed a story so completely within popular religious and cultural beliefs.

About the Author(s): 

Lilas Desquiron lives in Paris, where she has been a film critic and scriptwriter for television and is currently working on Joute d'Amour, a volume of short stories. Robin Orr Bodkin has designed on-line language courses, computer-assisted language programs, and is now undertaking the translation of the texts of a CD-ROM tour of the Louvre. Marie-Agnes Sourieau is Assistant Professor of French at Fairfield University and specializes in the study and teaching of francophone literature.

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