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Ship Names

Origins and Usages during Forty-five Centuries
Don H. Kennedy

BUY Cloth · 175 pp. · 5.25 × 8.25 · ISBN 9780813905310 · $25.00 · Jun 1974

Don H. Kennedy presents here the first comprehensive account of ship names. Kennedy deals authoritatively with every aspect of the ship-naming tradition. He examins in detail naming theories and practices and ancient and modern markings. He also examines the sources of modern ship names. He shows how names inform, plead, rebuke, threaten, inspire, and honor; how they refer to incidents, hopes, friendships, emotions, and ideas; and how they may involve religion, economics, politics, propaganda, superstition, and name magic.

About the Author: 

Don H. Kennedy is a retired aerospace design engineer who has had a lifelong interest in nautical history.

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