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Unheard Voices

The First Historians of Southern Women
Anne Firor Scott, ed.

BUY Paper · ISBN 9780813914336 · $21.50 · Jan 1993

In this collective biography one of the preeminent historians of her generation retrieves the work and lives of the few who preceded her in writing the history of women in the South.


Editor Scott has done two important things here. First, she has brought together the writings of five early female chroniclers of Southern women's history—Virginia Gearheart Gray, Marjorie Mendenhall, Julia Cherry Spruill, Guion Griffis Johnson, and Eleanor M. Boatwright. Second, in an introductory biography, Scott offers a look at the difficulties these historians faced as they worked to achieve recognition in a predominately male discipline. The essays, though they may now seem somewhat dated in language and conclusions, represent what were then new areas of historical research and new methods of information gathering. But Scott's biographies stand out. Often working with scanty information, she nevertheless re-creates these careers as they reflected the times in which the historians lived. Scott was also able to meet some of her subjects, and she conveys the erudition and charm of these scholarly women. Highly recommended for collections in American and women's history.

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