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Virginia's Hunting Guide

Bob Gooch

BUY Paper · 236 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813910413 · $16.95 · Apr 1985

This valuable guide provides Virginia hunters with detailed information on the various public hunting lands in the state, including character of the terrain, game species available, and other useful information. It also provides profiles on the various game species and information on how to hunt them, how to care for them in the field, and how to prepare them for the table.


"Amyone interested in hunting in Virginia this season should enjoy the book, Virginia Hunting Guide, written by Bob Gooch. The author divides the state into different geographical zones, then describes the hunting opportunities available in each... Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of key personnel in each area are provided, as is a complete listing of state agencies hunters may need"

Field and Stream

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