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Women in Exile

Mahnaz Afkhami

BUY Paper · 208 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813915432 · $20.00 · Aug 1994

Attempting to come to terms with her own life in exile, Afkhami, who was forced out of Iran because of her work for women's rights, sought out and talked with 12 other women from all parts of the globe. Their stories offer a rare and special opportunity to witness the harrowing experience of flight and dislocation and to marvel at the resilience of the human spirit.


The 12 women Afkhami interviewed for this intimate portrait of lives in political exile have settled in the U.S., many becoming American citizens. A few, like Fatima Ahmet Ibrahim, a feminist who called for women's rights within the bounds of traditional Islamic culture in her native Sudan, long to return home.... The stories resonate with the reader long after the pages are closed. Afkhami exhibits considerable skill in the essence of these women's journeys. Richly detailed, the stories seem cinematic in their narrative, so much so that one forgets this isn't a screen treatment but the oral history of 13 women's flight from political oppression.

Publishers Weekly

The women in this book are typical of waves of women refugees crossing borders every day, seeking to fulfill their lives in ways denied them at home. Though it is frightening to be without a home or the comfort of family, difficulty breeds strength, and struggling to hold onto the past in an unfamiliar milieu paradoxically expands horizons.... A good buy for womens' studies collections.

Library Journal

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