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The World of John Winthrop

England and New England, 1588–1649
edited by Francis J. Bremer and Lynn A. Botelho
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When John Winthrop, first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, emigrated from Stuart England to America, he and the colonists who accompanied him carried much of their culture with them. Written by leading English and American scholars, the essays in The World of John Winthrop: England and New England, 1588–1649 vigorously assert a new unity to the transatlantic and Puritan, Anglo-American sphere, integrating the English and colonial stories from a refreshingly single perspective.

Tom Webster (University of Edinburgh) * Mark A. Peterson (University of Iowa) * David D. Hall (Harvard Divinity School) * Alexandra Walsham (University of Exeter) * Alden Vaughan (Columbia University) * Virginia Mason Vaughan (Clark University) * Richard J. Ross (University of Illinois) * James S. Hart (University of Oklahoma) * Richard Godbeer (University of Miami) * Mark Valeri (Union Theological Seminary of Virginia) * Lyn Botelho (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) * Francis J. Bremer (Millersville University of Pennsylvania)