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Exquisite History

The Land of Wandering
The Printmakers Left

BUY Paper · 168 pp. · 6 × 10 · ISBN 9780977382804 · $35.00 · Nov 2005

The first of a three-volume project titled Exquisite History, The Land of Wandering offers a combination of art and poetry centered around desire, nostalgia, and the restless spirit that leads us to wander. Created by the Printmakers Left, a group of artists and poets working collaboratively out of the University of Virginia’s printmaking programs, the volume is being published to coincide with an accompanying exhibition at the McIntire Department of Art’s Off Grounds Gallery in Charlottesville.


If our story begins when desire enters us—desire that is etiologically bound to blown threshold, banishment, exile—then what is the land of wandering but the abyssal precinct of our restless, yearning soul-making? Like the ancestral Cain, ‘a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth,’we are—whether haunted by a terrible nostalgia for a lost, symbiotic language or blown by iconoclastic negative winds of anomie—still wandering. Any ephemeral dream of the garden is primeval; it is in the land of wandering that our exquisite history begins.

Lisa Russ Spaar

About the Author(s): 

Composed of University of Virginia faculty, alumni, visiting artists, and friends, the Printmakers Left has worked together for ten years on a variety of exhibitions, portfolios, and books. The artists include: Bogdan Achimescu, Anne Beck, David Bendernagel, Charles Beneke, Maggie Booth, Barbara Campbell, Betsy Cavalier, Jeremy Chen, Josh Dailey, Dean Dass, Lydia Diemer, David Dunlap, Dana Giacofci, Brian Kelly, Karen Kevorkian, Roland Lusk, Adam Moyer, Akemi Ohira, Justin Quinn, Martha Saunders, Rebecca Silberman, Lisa Russ Spaar, Elizabeth Stark, Chris Thomas, Annu Vertanen, Kazaan Viveiros, Rob Walker, Kari Weber, Clay Witt, Sam Witt, Adam Wolpa.

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