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Transatlantic Solidarities

Irish Nationalism and Caribbean Poetics
Michael G. Malouf

BUY Cloth · 272 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813927794 · $60.00 · Feb 2009
BUY Paper · 272 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813927800 · $25.00 · Feb 2009

Despite their prominent place in twentieth-century literature in English, novelists and poets from Ireland and the anglophone Caribbean have long been separated by literary histories in which they are either representing a local, nationalist tradition or functioning within an international movement such as modernism or postcolonialism. Redressing this either/or framework, Michael Malouf recognizes an integral history shared by these two poetic and political traditions, arising from their common transatlantic history in relation to the British empire and their common spaces of migration in New York and London. In examining these cross-cultural exchanges, he reconsiders our conception of transatlantic space and offers a revised conception of solidarity that is much more diverse than previously assumed. Offering a new narrative of cultural influence and performance, this work specifically demonstrates the formative role of Irish nationalist discourse--expressed in the works of Eamon de Valera, George Bernard Shaw, and James Joyce--in the transnational political and aesthetic self-fashioning of three influential Caribbean figures: Marcus Garvey, Claude McKay, and Derek Walcott. It provides both an innovative historical and literary methodology for reading cross-cultural relations between two postcolonial cultures and a literary and political history that can account for the recent diversity of the field of anglophone world literature.


"A path-breaking comparative study. Malouf is an excellent reader of poetry and a fine literary critic. Transatlantic Solidarities is the sort of book that stimulates further research as well as mapping and exploring its own terrain, and I believe that it will be much discussed in future years in both Irish and African American/Caribbean studies circles."--David Lloyd, University of Southern California, author of Irish Times: Essays on the History and Temporality of Irish Modernity

Michael Malouf has produced an exemplary work of cross-cultural criticism that is as alert to irish and Caribbean solidarities as it is resistant to too-easy conflations of very real and material differences in national, historical, and individual experience...Transatlantic Solidarities is a fascinating and accomplished study of the limits, as well as the possibilities, of the cross-cultural dynamics to which it contributes.

Lee M. Jenkins, University College, Cork · Journal of British Studies

About the Author(s): 

Michael G. Malouf is Assistant Professor of English at George Mason University. His articles have appeared in The Irish in Us: Irishness, Performativity, and Popular Culture, edited by Diane Negra, and in the journals the James Joyce Quarterly and Interventions.

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