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Revolution in Virginia, with a new Foreword

John E. Selby

BUY Paper · 456 pp. · 6.13 × 9.25 · ISBN 9780879352332 · $22.95 · May 2007

Unsurpassed as a single-volume history, John E. Selby’s masterpiece analyzes the political, administrative, and military history of Virginia during the American Revolution. Stressing the contributions, in both men and material, that the state made to the new nation’s war effort, Shelby shows how Virginia’s leaders responded to the need to expand the state’s administration and mobilize its people for war while at the same time looking westward to the vast territory beyond the Appalachians. Now available for the first time in paperback and with a new foreword by the historian Don Higginbotham, this classic is a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of our nation.


"Selby’s book is a triumphant combination of solid research expressed in felicitous prose.—George Tucker, Virginian Pilot "[Selby’s] account of governmental and military affairs in Virginia promises to stand as the authoritative survey. This broad view of public affairs in Virginia during the Revolution reflects an impressive command of the diverse sources of Virginia history in this period.... The resulting narrative demonstrates how fragile independence was during the war years.—Bruce Ragsdale, Daily Press "Regardless of how familiar you are—or think you are—with this period, Selby has new insights to offer.... Selby is a historian and scholar, but he finds the humanity in the story.—Robert Merritt, Richmond Times-Dispatch "With clarity and grace, Selby carries the story of Virginia in the revolution through to the victorious end of the war.... Selby has given us a superb account of Virginia during a crucial period of American history.

William M. Dabney, American Historical Review

About the Author(s): 

John E. Selby, 1929-2001, served as William E. Pullen Professor of History and chair of the Department of History, and as graduate dean and acting dean of the faculty of Arts and Sciences at the College of William and Mary, in addition to being book review editor of the William and Mary Quarterly. He was the author of A Chronology of Virginia and the War of Independence, 1763-1783, Dunmore, and, with Warren Billings and Thad Tate, Colonial Virginia: A History.

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