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The Papers of George Washington

Revolutionary War Series, Volume 19
15 January – 7 April 1779
George Washington. Edited by Philander D. Chase and William M. Ferraro

BUY Cloth · 888 pp. · 6.125 × 9.25 · ISBN 9780813929613 · $95.00 · Apr 2010

Volume 19 of the Revolutionary War Series documents Washington’s activities during the winter and early spring of 1779, when the bulk of his army was encamped at Middlebrook, New Jersey, strategically situated where the Watchung Mountains rise from the coastal plain in the middle of the state. Washington took advantage of the relative quiet of this period to consult with a congressional committee of conference in Philadelphia. He returned to Middlebrook in early February and devoted himself yet again to reorganizing and reinvigorating the Continental Army. Recruitment problems, disputes among officers over rank, and compensation woes had grown old, but Washington corresponded at length with state officials and Congress in order to keep an effective fighting force in the field.

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