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Struggling over Borders
Edited by Sidney Milkis and David Leblang

BUY Ebook · 29 pp. · ISBN 9780813940182 · $4.95 · Feb 2019

In an increasingly polarized political environment, the first year of the new president’s term will be especially challenging. With a fresh mandate, however, the first year also offers opportunities that may never come again. The First Year Project is a fascinating initiative by the Miller Center of the University of Virginia that brings together top scholars on the American presidency and experienced officials to explore the first twelve months of past administrations, and draw practical lessons from that history, as we inaugurate a new president in January 2017.

This project is the basis for a new series of digital shorts published as Miller Center Studies on the Presidency. Presented as specially priced collections published exclusively in an ebook format, these timely examinations recognize the experiences of past presidents as an invaluable resource that can edify and instruct the incoming president.

Contributors: Anno O. Law, Brooklyn College * David A. Martin, University of Virginia * Gary Freeman, University of Texas at Austin * Daniel Tichenor, University of Oregon * David Leblang and Sidney Milkis, University of Virginia

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