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Organic Supplements

Bodies and Things of the Natural World, 1580–1790
Edited by Miriam Jacobson and Julie Park

BUY Ebook · 296 pp. · ISBN 9780813944951 · $70.00 · Nov 2020
BUY Cloth · 296 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813944937 · $35.00 · Nov 2020
BUY Paper · 296 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813944944 · $35.00 · Nov 2020

From the hair of a famous dead poet to botanical ornaments and meat pies, the subjects of this book are dynamic, organic artifacts. A cross-disciplinary collection of essays, Organic Supplements examines the interlaced relationships between natural things and human beings in early modern and eighteenth-century Europe. The material qualities of things as living organisms—and things that originate from living organisms— enabled a range of critical actions and experiences to take place for the people who wore, used, consumed, or perceived them.


A significant and engaging collection that addresses in different and often fascinating ways the blurred and shifting edge terrains of concepts, categories, objects, and processes in early modern Europe.

Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, University of California, Santa Barbara, author of Epistolary Bodies: Gender and Genre in the Eighteenth-Century Republic of Letters

A sophisticated and original volume, Organic Supplements distinguishes itself from other recent collections on material objects by an emphasis on organic things—things that have their origins in once-living organisms. The interdisciplinarity of the essays—encompassing music, literature, medicine, art, and the history of science—is exceptional, and the scholarly excellence of its contributors is uniformly impressive.

Mary Floyd-Wilson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, author of Occult Knowledge, Science, and Gender on the Shakespearean Stage

About the Author(s): 

Miriam Jacobson is Associate Professor of English at the University of Georgia and author of Barbarous Antiquity: Reorienting the Past in the Poetry of Early Modern England.

Julie Park is Assistant Curator and Faculty Fellow at the Special Collections Center of Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York University, and author of The Self and It: Novel Objects in Eighteenth-Century England.