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Virginia Wine

Four Centuries of Change
Andrew A. Painter

BUY Paper · 440 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9781942695066 · $35.00 · Feb 2018
BUY Ebook · 440 pp. · ISBN 9781942695073 · $35.00 · Feb 2018

No state can claim a longer history of experimenting with and promoting viticulture than Virginia--nor does any state’s history demonstrate a more astounding record of initial failure and ultimate success.An essential addition to any wine lover’s library, Virginia Wine: Four Centuries of Change presents a comprehensive record of the Virginia wine industry, from the earliest Spanish accounts describing Native American vineyards in 1570 through its astonishing rebirth in the modern era.Grape cultivation--for agriculture, horticultural curiosity, and wine production--has absorbed ambitious Virginians since April 1607, when a few casks of European wine washed ashore onto the dunes of Cape Henry in the company of a band of travel-weary English settlers.

Andrew Painter chronicles the dynamic personalities, diverse places, and engrossing personal and political struggles that have established the Old Dominion as one of the nation’s preeminent wine regions. Virginia’s wine industry now accounts for nearly $1 billion in annual sales, with more than 275 wineries growing more than thirty varieties of grapes. The author discusses a multitude of wine-industry trends, events, secondary industries, and jobs that have revolved around the growing of grapes and the making and promotion of wine. This is the definitive look at Virginia’s wine history and culture, in an agricultural and industrial sector that is itself unique within world commerce and society.

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An impressive work celebrating the collective and individual achievements of the Commonwealth’s wine industry.

Gerald L. Baliles, Former Governor of Virginia

A detailed yet readable history that addresses an unmet need for a written record similar to those already available for the world's more established wine regions. Virginia viticulture and winemaking have come of age and deserve no less.

Felicia Warburg Rogan, Vinter and Co-Founder, Oakencroft Vineyard & Winery

An important reference to which I will be happy to refer when I need reminding of the human dynamics behind what we hope will be an expanding, evolving, and sustainable wine grape industry here in the Commonwealth.

Lucie Morton, Viticulturalist

About the Author(s): 

Andrew A. Painter is an attorney in private practice.

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