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The Elections of 2020

Edited by Michael Nelson

BUY Paper · 288 pp. · 6 × 9 · ISBN 9780813946184 · $19.95 · Jun 2021
BUY Ebook · 288 pp. · ISBN 9780813946191 · $19.95 · Jun 2021

The Elections of 2020 is a timely, comprehensive, scholarly, and engagingly written account of the 2020 elections. It features essays by an all-star team of political scientists in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 general election, chronicling every stage of the presidential race as well as the coterminous congressional elections, paying additional attention to the role of the media and campaign finance in the process. Broad in coverage and bolstered by tables and figures presenting exit polls and voting results in the primaries, caucuses, and the general election, these essays discuss the consequences of these elections for the presidency, Congress, and the larger political system

ContributorsMarjorie Randon Hershey, Indiana University * Marc J. Hetherington, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill * Charles Hunt, Boise State University * Gary C. Jacobson, University of California, San Diego * William G. Mayer, Northeastern University * Nicole Mellow, Williams College * Gerald M. Pomper, Rutgers University * Paul J. Quirk, University of British Columbia * Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin College * Candis Watts Smith, Pennsylvania State University


Written by first-rate scholars, The Elections of 2020 is the go-to book for post-presidential election analysis, both for the great diversity of perspectives and for the depth of coverage it offers.

Richard J. Ellis, Willamette University · The Development of the American Presidency

An invaluable resource, Elections of 2020 features essays by a distinguished group of political scientists who place the presidential, congressional and state elections in a large political and historical context. But the mandate for this all-star cast was especially challenging: to examine an unprecedented and tumultuous turn of events that severely tested the foundations of American democracy.

Sidney M. Milkis, University of Virginia · Rivalry and Reform: Presidents, Social Movements, and the Transformation of American Politics

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