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The Papers of Francis Bernard

Governor of Colonial Massachusetts, 1760-1769
Francis Bernard. Edited by Colin Nicolson

BUY Cloth · 7 × 10 · ISBN 9781734540123 · $49.50 · Jun 2021

The sixth and final volume of the Bernard Papers presents the official and private correspondence of Massachusetts royal governor Sir Francis Bernard upon his return to England in 1769 until his death in 1779, documenting his attempts to influence British colonial policy. Bernard’s letters on colonial opposition and resistance from 1765 on constituted a major source of detailed evidence for the British government in persuading Parliament to adopt the punitive Coercive Acts that would trigger rebellion in Massachusetts in the late summer and early autumn of 1774.

Distributed for the Colonial Society of Massachusetts

About the Author(s): 

Colin Nicolson, Lecturer in History at the University of Stirling, Scotland, is editor of The Papers of Francis Bernard and author of The "Infamas Govener": Francis Bernard and the Origins of the American Revolution.

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