Constitutionalism and Democracy

This series publishes outstanding titles on constitutional politics, legal culture, and the historical relationship between democratic government and the social and economic forces that shape it. The editors seek manuscripts on constitutional development and legal history as well as both qualitative and quantitative analyses of judicial politics. At the same time, they aim to encompass a broader set of topics, including comparative law and courts, new institutionalism, and the theory of democratic principles and legal institutions.

Series Editors: Gregg Ivers and Kevin T. McGuire
Advisory Editors: Gregory Caldeira, Howard Gillman, David O’Brien, Mark Tushnet, Keith Whittington

Books in this Series

The Senate
From White Supremacy to Governmental Gridlock
Daniel Wirls
High Courts in Global Perspective
Evidence, Methodologies, and Findings
Edited by Nuno Garoupa, Rebecca D. Gill, and Lydia B. Tiede
Of Courtiers and Princes
Stories of Lower Court Clerks and Their Judges
Edited by Todd C. Peppers
Lighting the Way
Federal Courts, Civil Rights, and Public Policy
Douglas Rice
The Battle for the Court
Interest Groups, Judicial Elections, and Public Policy
Lawrence Baum, David Klein, and Matthew J. Streb
Of Courtiers and Kings
More Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices
Edited by Todd C. Peppers and Clare Cushman
Voters' Verdicts
Citizens, Campaigns, and Institutions in State Supreme Court Elections
Chris W. Bonneau and Damon M. Cann
Diversity Matters
Judicial Policy Making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals
Susan B. Haire and Laura P. Moyer
The View from the Bench and Chambers
Examining Judicial Process and Decision Making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals
Jennifer Barnes Bowie, Donald R. Songer, and John Szmer
A Storm over This Court
Law, Politics, and Supreme Court Decision Making in Brown v. Board of Education
Jeffrey D. Hockett
The Nature of Rights at the American Founding and Beyond
Edited by Barry Alan Shain
In Chambers
Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices
Edited by Todd C. Peppers and Artemus Ward
Institutional Games and the U.S. Supreme Court
Edited by James R. Rogers, Roy B. Flemming, and Jon R. Bond
Merely Judgment
Ignoring, Evading, and Trumping the Supreme Court
Martin J. Sweet
Battle over the Bench
Senators, Interest Groups, and Lower Court Confirmations
Amy Steigerwalt
Law, Politics, and Perception
How Policy Preferences Influence Legal Reasoning
Eileen Braman
The View of the Courts from the Hill
Interactions between Congress and the Federal Judiciary
Mark C. Miller
Answering the Call of the Court
How Justices and Litigants Set the Supreme Court Agenda
Vanessa A. Baird
Strategic Selection
Presidential Nomination of Supreme Court Justices from Herbert Hoover through George W. Bush
Christine L. Nemacheck
Judging on a Collegial Court
Influences on Federal Appellate Decision Making
Virginia A. Hettinger, Stefanie A. Lindquist, and Wendy L. Martinek
Justice Curtis in the Civil War Era
At the Crossroads of American Constitutionalism
Stuart Streichler
Creating Constitutional Change
Clashes over Power and Liberty in the Supreme Court
Gregg Ivers and Kevin T. McGuire, eds.
Judicial Independence in the Age of Democracy
Critical Perspectives from around the World
Peter H. Russell and David M. O'Brien, eds.
The Constitutional Thought of Thomas Jefferson
David N. Mayer
Race Relations Litigation in an Age of Complexity
Stephen L. Wasby
The Martinsville Seven
Race, Rape, and Capital Punishment
Eric W. Rise
New Communitarian Thinking
Persons, Virtues, Institutions, and Communities
Amitai Etzioni, ed.
Courts, Politics, and Culture in Israel
Martin Edelman
Juries and Judges versus the Law
Virginia's Provincial Legal Perspective, 1783–1828
F. Thornton Miller
The Supreme Court Bar
Legal Elites in the Washington Community
Kevin T. McGuire
The Warren Court in Historical and Political Perspective
Mark Tushnet, ed.