Our Team


Suzanne Morse Moomaw
Director of UVa Press(434) 924-6064smoomaw@virginia.edu


Brenda W. Fitzgerald
Director of Operations(434) 924-3469bwf@virginia.edu
Leah Stearns
Database and Intellectual Properties Manager(434) 243-2367leahstearns@virginia.edu
Samantha Jackson
Business Manager(434) 924-6068sja5h@virginia.edu


Angie Hogan
Editor, Culture, Environment, and Science and Technology(434) 924-3361arh2h@virginia.edu
Eric Brandt
Editor in Chief and Humanities Editor(434) 982-3033eab7fb@virginia.edu
Mark Mones
Acquisitions Editor, Architecture, Urban Design, and Regional Books(434) 924-6066emm4t@virginia.edu
Nadine Zimmerli
Editor, History and Politics(434) 924-7301nizimmerli@virginia.edu
Steve Momper
Director, Darden Business Publishing(434) 924-4973sem8k@virginia.edu

Editorial, Design, and Production

Anne Hegeman
Design and Production Manager(434) 924-3585ahegeman@virginia.edu
Cecilia Sorochin
Art Director and Assistant Production Manager(434) 924-6069scs6ak@virginia.edu
Ellen Satrom
Managing Editor and Editorial, Design, and Production Manager(434) 924-6065esatrom@virginia.edu
J. Andrew Edwards
Assistant Project Editor(434) 924-1373jaedwards@virginia.edu
Rachel Laney
Editorial, Design, and Production Coordinator(434) 982-2704rlaney@virginia.edu
Wren Morgan Myers
Senior Project Editor(434) 924-6067morganmyers@virginia.edu

Sales, Marketing, and Publicity

Clayton Butler
Nau Postdoctoral Fellow in Marketing(434) 924-3468cjb3sm@virginia.edu
Jason Coleman
Marketing and Sales Director(434) 924-1450jcoleman@virginia.edu

ROTUNDA Digital Imprint

David Sewell
Manager of Digital Initiatives and the Rotunda Imprint(434) 924-9973dsewell@virginia.edu
Jason Coleman
Marketing and Sales Director(434) 924-1450jcoleman@virginia.edu
Patricia Searl
Assistant Manager, Digital Initiatives and the Rotunda Imprint(434) 982-2310pls4e@virginia.edu