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Cultural Studies

The Hedgehog Review Reader

Two Decades of Critical Reflections on Contemporary Culture Edited by Jay Tolson. Preface by James Davison Hunter

For twenty years, The Hedgehog Review has offered critical reflections on contemporary cuture: how we shape it, how it shapes us. Published three times a year by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, the journal draws on the best scholarship and thought from the humanities and social... More

Colonial Wounds/Postcolonial Repair

Amina Menia, Maureen Shanahan, and Beth Hinderliter

This companion volume to the Colonial Wounds/Postcolonial Repair exhibition at James Madison University’s Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art contributes to debates about monuments, historical amnesia, and memories of war and colonialism. It includes essays by co-curators Maureen G. Shanahan and Beth... More