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Virginia History & Culture

The Virginia Landmarks Register

Calder Loth, ed.

The fourth edition of The Virginia Landmarks Register is an entirely new, fully illustrated compilation of the state's buildings, structures, sites, and districts that have been officially designated as historic landmarks by the Virginia Board of Historic Resources over the past thirty years. The... More

The Moderates' Dilemma

Massive Resistance to School Desegregation in Virginia Matthew D. Lassiter and Andrew B. Lewis, eds.

In 1958, facing court-ordered integration, Virginia governor J. Lindsay Almond Jr. closed public schools in three cities, one of the first instances of the "massive resistance" embraced by conservative southern politicians in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education. This action provoked not only... More

Once There Was a Farm

A Country Childhood Remembered Virginia Bell Dabney

Nearly fifty years after she left the family farm of her childhood, Virginia Bell Dabney was compelled to write a memoir. She and her two sisters were raised on a Virginia farm during the hardscrabble years of the 1920s and 1930s. Her determined, independent mother managed to make a life for her... More

Democratizing the Old Dominion

Virginia and the Second Party System, 1824–1861 William G. Shade

The emergence of the two-party system in the 1830s led to the democratization of the nation and to decades of heated dispute about democracy. In Democratizing the Old Dominion, the first comprehensive study of antebellum Virginia politics, William G. Shade demonstrates that Virginia typified the... More

Virginia's Historic Courthouses

John O. Peters and Margaret T. Peters. Foreword by Lewis F. Powell, Jr.

Featuring 140 color photographs of Virginia's courthouses, this book is a visual treat as well as an innovative approach to history and architecture. It contains a wealth of social and architectural history. In addition to giving an overview of the history of 126 courthouses, the authors recount... More

Preserving the Old Dominion

Historic Preservation and Virginia Traditionalism James M. Lindgren

In 1889 tradition-minded women, including many from Virginia's most prominent families, formed the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA), the first state preservation organization in the United States. In Preserving the Old Dominion cultural historian James Lindgren shows... More

Mr. Jefferson's University

A History Virginius Dabney

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The New Dominion, A History from 1607 to the Present Virginius Dabney

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Depression and New Deal in Virginia

The Enduring Dominion Ronald L. Heinemann

Heinemann skillfully presents the dramatic opposition between the Byrd organization and the proponents of Roosevelt's New Deal. He explains why Virginia voters paradoxically endorsed both at the polls.This study is based on extensive research in the records of federal agencies, Virginia newspapers... More

Thomas Jefferson

Landscape Architect Frederick Doveton Nichols and Ralph E. Griswold

Collaboration with the greatest botanists of his time, an instinctive humanitarianism, and a natural ingenuity in landscape design combined to make Thomas Jefferson a pioneer in American landscape architecture. Frederick D. Nichols and Ralph E. Griswold, in this close study of Jefferson’s many... More

Landon Carter

An Inquiry into the Personal Values and Social Imperatives of the Eighteenth-Century Virginia Jack P. Greene

Intended as a plausible psychological and intellectual portrait of Landon Carter, thi study attempts to delineate his central character traits and personal values. It calls attention to what motivated him, to the major problems he encountered, how he sought to solve them, and how well he succeeded... More

The John Henry County Map of Virginia, 1770

John Henry. Introduction Louis B. Wright

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Catalogue of the Collection of American Art at Randolph-Macon Woman's College

A Selection of Paintings, Drawings and Prints Mary Frances Williams

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Chronology of Virginia and the War of Independence, 1763-1783

John E. Selby

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